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SaaS Agreements Lawyer Helping Startups & Vendors Across USA

SaaS Agreement Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC based in New Jersey right outside of NYC offers experienced legal advice in drafting some of the best SaaS Agreements, Subscription Agreements, End User License Agreements (EULA), Master Service Agreements, Reseller Agreements and Delaware C Corporation Formation Incorporation Documents inlcuding bylaws and founder and investor stock purchase agreements

Andrew drafts smart and effective SaaS Contracts and Licensing Agreements whether you are a vendor or customer to protect you against both known and unforeseen liabilities that could occur during the course of your company's relationship with the other party.

What are you seeking to get out of a relationship with a SaaS Agreements Lawyer? Whether your a new company just starting out and need incorporation and founders' stock agreement advice or a little further along and need an experienced SaaS Attorney to negotiate an enterprise licensing agreement Andrew has you covered at both ends of the spectrum.

Andrew loves working with SaaS startups and their founders. Why? Because in 2012 at the same time he was counseling SaaS companies he dipped his toes into the entrepreneurial world by starting a SaaS company with partners which received a patent in 2017.

Andrew's experience in building out a SaaS startup was nothing short of priceless. There is never a Delaware C Corporation legal issue raised by a client that Andrew has not personally experienced in acting as the General Counsel for his own SaaS startup.

In addition, while an owner of his SaaS company Andrew performed legal work including closing multiple capital financing rounds, negotiating global SaaS agreements with enterprise customers, negotiating a software application development agreement, drafting reseller agreements, bylaws, founders stock purchase agreements, investor subscription agreements, intellectual property licensing and protection agreements and NDA's.

Andrew also helps SaaS and cloud vendors in the USA comply with the EU GDPR Law by drafting effective Data Processing Agreements. Andrew also works closely with clients in putting in place well drafted website agreements including Privacy Policies, Terms of Use Agreements, Terms and Conditions Agreements and Terms of Service Agreements. 

Please reach out to Andrew at 201-446-9643 for a free telephone consultation.

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Delaware C Corp Startup Incorporation Lawyer Helping Clients In All Fifty States

If you are a SaaS, cloud or software startup company and need to incorporate in Delaware and also get drafted Founders Stock purchase Agreements and perhaps motivate a developer to build out your application by motivating them with stock do you want to hire a lawyer who is just a lawyer or do you want a SaaS Lawyer guiding your company who is also a SaaS Entrepreneur who scaled a startup with partners starting with a drawing on a napkin?

If you chose the latter option then Andrew is the right SaaS Lawyer for your company. While other lawyers are comfortable sitting in their offices just doing legal work that wasn‘t good enough for Andrew. When the opportunity presented itself to also build a SaaS company he never looked back and it was the best decision he has ever made in his professional life. 

Lawyer Helping SaaS and Software Companies Close Capital Financing Rounds

Let Andrew help you with all of your SaaS and Software angel, seed, friends and family and VC capital funding legal needs. Whether it’s an investor stock subscription agreement, promissory note, SAFE or VC term sheet Andrew has the experience to get the deal done. 

Please call Andrew at 201-446-9643 to discuss your startup financing legal needs. 

Lawyer Drafting SaaS Contracts & License Agreements

SaaS Contracts Lawyer Drafting Subscription Agreements

Do you need a SaaS Contracts Lawyer to draft a Subscription Agreement? Whether your a SaaS, software or cloud vendor, provider, startup, developer, Customer or enterprise company SaaS Contracts Lawyer Andrew S Bosin can manage all of your SaaS Contracts Legal needs. 

Andrew helps clients in all fifty states and charges affordable fixed rate legal fees packages. 

SaaS Contract Lawyer Drafting Master Services Agreements

SaaS Contracts Lawyer Andrew S Bosin can draft, negotiate and structure effective Master SaaS and Services Agreements for vendors, providers, customers, end-users and enterprise companies. 

Andrew approaches SaaS Contracts from a much different perspective than your typical lawyer. This is the result of him also being a SaaS entrepreneur who along with his partners created a software business that did global deals and received a patent in 2017.

SaaS End User License Agreements (EULA)

Are you thinking about entering into a SaaS, software or cloud End User License Agreement (EULA) and need to hire an experienced SaaS Agreements Lawyer to explain the legal challenges or issues that need to be resolved in order for your company to close the deal?

SaaS Licensing Agreement Lawyer Andrew S Bosin with over 25 years Business legal experience combined with his own startup experiences is more than capable of handling your SaaS Licensing Legal Needs. 

Please call Andrew at 201-446-9643 for an initial telephone consultation. 

SaaS Agreements Lawyer Blog

SaaS Agreements Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC based in New Jersey just outside of New York City drafts and negotiates SaaS, software and cloud Subscription Agreements, End User License Agreements (EULA), Master Services Agreements, Service Level Agreements and Reseller Agreements

Drafting and Negotiating Reseller & Partner Agreements

SaaS, Software and Cloud Reseller Agreements, Partner Agreements, Channel Agreements and Affiliate Agreements

SaaS Agreements Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC specializes in helping clients negotiate Reseller Agreements, Partner Agreements, Channel Agreements and Affiliate Agreements.

Whether your a SaaS or cloud vendor or company seeking to resell cloud services Andrew can help you understand your legal duties and obligations when entering into a Reseller Agreement.  

Please call Andrew to discuss your Reseller Agreement legal needs at 201-446-9643. 

SaaS and Software Licensing Legal Issues

Drafting and Negotiating Software as a Service SaaS Agreements

Are you looking for an experienced SaaS Attorney who has negotiated dozen of Software as a Service SaaS Agreements? 

Saas Lawyer Andrew S Bosin has negotiated over 100 SaaS and Software Contracts for both his own SaaS startup and for clients including vendors, developers and enterprise companies. 

Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements and Protection

Whether it’s protecting a SaaS vendor’s source code or licensor’s products or making certain a licensee gets access to what they are contractually entitled to, Andrew gets the job done to protect intellectual property rights. 

Service Level Agreements (SLA) Support

Unlike traditional enterprise software installed locally on a customer’s network requiring very little support and maintenance from the SaaS vendor, SaaS software is a completely different animal. Today, enterprise SaaS customers demand a robust Service Level Agreement which includes Services, Support and Maintenance. 

Let Andrew guide your company on the key terms and language to include in any Service Level Agreement. 

SaaS Startup Founder Issues

SaaS Startup Lawyer Helping SaaS Company Co-Founders and Entrepreneurs With Issues Related To Formation, Incorporation, Splitting Equity and Stock, Vesting and Drafting Founders Restricted Stock Agreements

SaaS Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC specializes in helping early stage growth companies at inception with Business Formation and Incorporation, drafting and negotiating founders restricted stock agreements, how much stock or equity each founder should receive at inception of the company and how much stock should vest over time. 

Please reach out to Andrew to discuss your founder legal needs at 201-446-9643.

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